Top Ten Things to Get You In The Christmas/Winter Mood

Hey Guys!

First off I’d just like to say I’m sorry I didn’t put up any more Paris exchange posts but the app kept glitchjng while I was there and the photos wouldn’t go up but I’ll try and post them as soon as possible!

Anyway, can you believe it’s nearly december??? It’s December the first on Thursday and that means…it’s nearly Christmas!!!

That’s why today I decided to do 10 things to get you into the Christmas/winter mood.

1.Turn your favourite Christmas playlist on and start singing as loud as you like 
My favourite CD is definitely the one by Michael Bublé. I honestly listen to this every weekend in the run up to Christmas and I never get tired of it!

2.Make Hot Chocolate

This always makes me feel likes it’s really Winter. Put whatever you like in it. My preference is marshmallows and cream!

3.Watch some Christmas/Winter films in front of the fire

I usually watch films on Sundays and I love Home Alone and Elf! Comment down below your favourite Christmas films!

4.Decorate your house with Winter and Christmas decorations

Get out the decorations and make your house look amazing! If you celebrate Christmas you will probably have a tree. I usually put golden and red baubles on mine and I can’t wait to put it up this year!

5.Have some traditional winter/Christmas foods

I love all Christmas foods ecspecially mince pies. I literally had them in October which was probably a bit too early!

6.Light some Winter/Christmas candles

I love candles, ecspecially Christmas ones! I like the gingerbread flavoured ones the most as they remind me of everything christmassey!

7.Get on your warm Winter clothes

If you live in a warm county then this one obviously won’t work but where I live it’s always cold during winter. I have to wear a scarf all day and sometimes I put on my dressing gown. Honestly, I don’t mind the cold as it makes me think of snow! I hope it will snow this year as it hasn’t done so in so long!

8. Go shopping for gifts

A big part of Christmas is getting presents for friends and family! I love going shopping and seeing all the different gifts. I used to make all my presents for people but now I usually buy them. Comment down below what you’re getting for people this Christmas!

9.Bake using a Winter/Christmas recipe

I really enjoy baking and this Christmas I want to try and bake something that I’ve never tried before. I might do something simple like gingerbread men or maybe something more challenging like mince pies! I’m not sure yet but I’ll probably put the recipe on my blog.

10.Write a list of things you’d like to do this December

Write down everything you’d like to do this December. Write some of the gifts you’d like to get, the places you’d like to go and anything else you hope to do!

So that’s my top ten things to get you in the Christmas/Winter Mood!

I hope you enjoyed it!

Lots of love,



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