Paris Exchange Trip-Day 1

Hello everybody!

Right now I am on the bus. Not just any bus, but a bus that is going to the airport. The reason I am going to the airport is that I’m going to Paris!! 

Honestly, I am so excited right now! I am going to Paris with other students in my school on an exchange trip for five days.

Last year, before I had started this blog, a student from Paris came to my house and stayed for a week. She was such a lovely person and I cannot wait to stay with her and her family this week.

What’s strange is I’m not really nervous at all. I was a bit scared and worried last week but not so much any more. I’m mainly excited because I have never been to France but it is the one country I’ve ways wanted to go to.

                          * * * *

Ok it’s a few hours later and after many, many struggles I’m on the plane. Boarding the plane wasn’t so easy either. My friend and I were completely isolated from the rest of the group when we took our seats. We asked the air hostess if we could move and in the end we had to swap with two people who were thankfully kind enough to let us. Now we’re sitting comfortably in the plane and the next stop is Paris!! Talk to you when we land!

 I am in my French exchanges house now! I can’t say much because I am really tired! All I’ll say is Paris is amazing and beautiful! I’m off to Versailles tomorrow so I’ll be writing about that! 

Lots of love,



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