Halloween Countdown-Day 5-My 10 Favourite Halloween Sweets

Hey guys!

Sweets are, in my opinion, one of the most important things about Halloween! There are so many different sweets on sale at Halloween and it was really hard to pick my favourites but finally, I compiled a list of My Ten Favourite Halloween Treats.

10.Haribo Jellies

Haribo jellies are definitely one of my favourite Halloween, but also all year round, sweets. I love all the different shapes and flavours. My favourite is definitely the Coca Cola bottles!


I’ve always loved Rolos and I love the little packet of three. They are really good to have at Halloween as you don’t feel too full after it!

8.Rowntree’s Fruit Pastilles

Like the Haribo’s, these are all different flavours and I love them! My favourites are definitely the lemon ones!


I love marshmallows! Any brand, any colour but my favourite are the mini ones. They’re just so sweet and fluffy. Is that the right word to describe them?


Milkyways are so nice. I think the treat size are the best for Halloween. I love the inside part the best but the chocolate is really nice aswell!


Malteasers are just the best! There are so many ways to eat them, I think, but I just eat them normally! They are one of my all time favourites so obviously I had to put them in this list!


Minstrels are amazing! They are made from really good chocolate and they are so nice when they melt in your mouth!

3.Dairymilk Chocolate buttons
These are basically just pieces of circular shaped chocolate but they are still really, really nice. The treat size packets have the perfect amount but the large packet is also really good for sharing.

2.Dairymilk Caramels

Another dairy milk product! These are so delicious and I also love them at Christmas😋! The caramel in the inside mixed with the chocolate makes it one of my absolute favourite chocolate sweets!


These Cadbury bars are soooooooo nice! Honeycomb is one of my favourite flavours and if you’re the same you’ll love these!

So that is the list of my ten favourite Halloween sweets! 

I hope you enjoyed this!

Comment down below your favourite sweets!

Also comment some Halloween and Autumn themed questions for a Q&A which I may be doing tomorrow!

Have a great weekend!

Lots of love,



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