Halloween Countdown-Day 4-DIY Halloween Tea Light Holders

Hey guys!

It’s day 4 of the countdown! We’re half way through!

Today is one of the posts I was most excited about making. I was looking for DIY Halloween Decorations on Pinterest and I found these:

They immediately caught my eye and I thought they’d be pretty easy to make!

We all know the feeling of disappointment when you’re all set out to make DIY decorations and you find out you have none of the things to make it. I think the equipment for this isn’t  too hard to get if you don’t have them at home.

So today my cousin and I sat down and spent at least an hour working on these and they turned out really well I think! (My cousin will be making a blog soon so be sure check it out when she does. I’ll leave a link when she makes it!)

Here is how to make my (and my cousin’s) Pinterest inspired tea light Holders.

What You Need:

 Crépe paper in any colour you like (I used orange)

PVA glue

Paint brush

Black marker

Ribbon in any colour ( I used white and red)

Tea light



What To Do:

  1. Cut enough crépe paper to wrap around the jar.
  2. Paint glue all over the jar.
  3. Stick the crépe paper on the jar and cut off any extra paper.
  4. Repeat these steps to put a second layer of paper on the jar.
  5. Cut off enough ribbon to put around the top of the jar.
  6. Glue the top and bottom of the ribbon and wrap it around the top.
  7. Wait for the jar to dry.
  8. Draw any Halloween designs you like on the jar with black marker. For example: witches, moons, haunted houses, cats etc.
  9. Put a tealight inside of the jar and light it!

That’s all you have to do! It does take a while but it’s worth it!

Here are what ours turned out like:

So those are my DIY Halloween Tea lights!

I hope some of you will make them!

*Once again please comment some ideas for posts as I will use them!

**Also I will be doing a Q & A this week so please comment some Halloween and Autumn themed questions!!!

That is all for now!

Thankyou for reading!

Lots of love,



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