Halloween Countdown-Day 2-Halloween Games

Hey guys!

It’s Day 2 of my Spooktacular Halloween Countdown! 

Today I decided to share some of my favourite Halloween Party Games that I play with my cousins and friends at Halloween.

1.Bobbin’ Apple

Most of you probably know this game as it is a classic.

What you need:

Apples or packets of jellies



What to do:

  1. Fill the basin with water. 
  2. Put the apples or jellies into the basin. 
  3. Take it in turns to stick your head in the water and try and get the apples/jellies out!
  4. Whoever gets the most wins!

2.Flour Mountain

I’m not sure what this is actually called but I decided to call it Flour Mountain.

What you need:




What to do:

  1. Fill a bowl with flour.
  2. Turn it upside down on a plate
  3. Take the bowl off leaving a flour mountain
  4. Place the grape/malteaser on top
  5. Take it in turns cutting pieces off the flour
  6. Whoever knocks the grape/malteaser off the top, by cutting the flour, has to put their face in the flour and pick the grape/malteaser out with their mouths!

3.Peanut race

This is a really fun game that I created with my sister a couple of years ago!

What you need:

Peanuts or Pumpkin Seeds


Two bowls

What to do:

  1. Split into two teams. 
  2. Put two bowls at the end of the room
  3. Share an equal amount of peanuts with each group
  4. Put the peanuts in front of the players.
  5. The team player take it in turns to suck a peanut/pumpkin seed onto their straw and run over to the bowl without it falling
  6. Whichever team has the most peanuts/pumpkin seeds at the end wins!

Anyway those are three of my favourite Halloween games! Sorry I couldn’t take pictures of the actual game. I wasn’t able to set it up today! I might add some if I get time!

What did you think of these games?

Comment down below your favourite games and also some ideas for Halloween themed posts as I will use some of them!

Also I might be doing a Halloween/Autumn Q &A this week so put some questions in the comments section!

Lots of love,



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