My Bucket List

Hey guys! 

So here I am watching The Bake Off while writing and it’s not really working but I’m still going to try!

Anyway today I’d write my bucket list or in other words everything that I’d like to achieve and do in my life.

Without further ado lets get started!

1.Visit every continent at least once

Africa, Europe, North America, Sout America, Asia, Antartica and Australia! I want to see them all!

2.Write a book

I’ve always wanted to write a book. In fact I’m writing one right now. It’s my ultimate goal to get one published and to be able to see it in bookstores.

3.Go to a different country in charity work

I’d love to go somewhere in the world and help children or maybe animals. I think it would be a really interesting experience.

4.Compose a proper piece of music 

I’ve composed short pieces of music for music class and my violin lessons but I really would like to write a long, proper piece and hear it being played by an orchestra. Just imagine!

5.Act in a film

I’m not that great at acting but I love making short films with my cousins. I wouldn’t care what film but I think it would be cool to just forget your own problems and live the life of someone else for a while.

6.Go to see Harry Potter and The Cursed Child

This play came out earlier this year and although I couldn’t go to see it I did read the book. As soon as I finished it I really wanted to see how it looked on stage. I hope one day I will actually be able to go.

7.Visit The Eiffel Tower

I’ve always wanted to go to Paris and see the Eiffel Tower. I think it looks so pretty and I’d love to go to the top.

8.Design a Treehouse

Imagine living in a treehouse for a while. I’m definitely going to have one in my garden when I’m older. 

9.Go to a Taylor Swift Concert

I’d really like to see Taylor live! I love all her songs and can’t wait for more!

10.Go on a holiday with all my friends and family

I think it would be so fun to go on a big holiday with all my family and friends. It wouldn’t matter where so long as it would be sunny and have loads of different activities that we could all do.

Anyway that’s all for now!

Comment down below what’s on your bucket list!

Lots of love,



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